Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Wrap and Battle Mode

Today I am fighting some kind of nasty bug that I fear is winning the battle.
My plans for an end of the year wrap have been thwarted
However I have a few pics to give you an idea of our Christmas.
The holiday season started with a horrendous snowstorm which guaranteed a white Christmas.
Iain made his traditional Challah for dinner.
A little something in "Poppy's"  (new grandbabys name until we find out what gender) stocking
Will's fav candy
A special cat in a box ornament my girls' Grandma gave them when they were very wee.
They decided to share ---- sending it back and forth each Christmas.
A little Christmas Day lunch snack
My boys (minus 2) manning the dinner prep
Will at the mashed potatoe station
HB at the turkey carving station
The Christmas table centerpiece
Merry Christmas
From the girls too

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