Saturday, November 9, 2013

New Grand Kitty

Siobhan and Will are spending the weekend in Toronto and guess who gets to play with Shelley.
About a month or so ago a wee kitten showed up at their door.
Despite all their efforts no one claimed this sweet girl.
So Siobhan, being my daughter, took her in.
I have been known to rescue quite a few little fellas.
My girls are not too impressed with this usurper but are managing.
This is Shelley peeking around the corner.
Her and Lucky could be cousins.
Not kissin cousins tho ----- Hahahaha!
Look at those eyeballs!!
There have been a couple of nose touches resulting in some very impressive hissing and sissing.
I forgot how much fun a kitten can be and quite annoying as well.
I have had to put my knitting away for the time she is awake.
When she decides she needs cuddles and lovin she is straight up in your face ------ literally.
I threw some extra seeds on the deck and Shelley is quite enjoying the squirrel and junco activity.


Mariodacatsmom said...

Awww both cats are soooooo cute. Who can resist a kitten. Bless your daughter for taking it in. I have no grandchildren, but I do have 2 grand kitties.

Susan said...

Such a good heart and I would do the same thing, XOXO