Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Good Nite Sweet Garden

Today it is very overcast and we are expecting rain later this afternoon and evening.
A perfect day to snap a few last shots of the garden.
As I was wandering around I happened to look up and there across the street was my neighbor in her window..
Bundled in a sweater holding a mug that I imagined was tea.
She gave me a tentative wave.
You know the kind ---  what are you doing out here zAzA? Okay I'll wave to you but I think you are nuts!
So off to the garden.
I topped off the bird bath.
This a heated one I bought a couple of years ago.
It is visited often during the winter.
If you can having a water feature in the winter it will attract lots of birds.
Amazing how we can fit summer into our shed.
There is a certain beauty to the fall garden.
See you next year clothes pins.
Rest well Bacchus.
I refuse to stop wearing my flip flops.
And will probably wear them until the snow is on the ground.

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Anonymous said...

I expect to see many blog posts when I get home featuring queen Shelley