Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Here in Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving.
Its going to be very quiet here at 44.
Siobhan and Will have decided to have their own Thanksgiving.
I get it. I really do.
I have to get my head around not having everyone here for big holiday celebrations.
It may take this ole girl a wee bit longer.
So HB and I have planned an excursion to the eastern parts of Ontario to search out some fall colours.
We will pack up the car with cameras, binoculars, lunch, snacks, and a few sunflower seeds for the wayward birds we may see.
There is still lots of garden clean up to be done.
 We are expecting a glorious Saturday and Sunday so perhaps an apple martini on the patio?
Oh and yes I am making us Thanksgiving dinner just a wee bit scaled down.
I am thankful for so many things but here are a few
a healthy family
smiles every day thinking of Miles and Riley
sitting with HB every morning with a coffee
ice packs
greek yogourt
curling up with Addy and reading
naps in the afternoon
hi lites
Wishing you all a terrific weekend

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Susan said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Sis. What a lovely holiday with all it's fixin's. XOXO