Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vee's Notecard Party

Endless fields of Canola just outside of Edmonton Alberta
Red Admiral on a Dandylion
Repurposed wooden door at the end of my garden.
Entrance to a secret garden?
Have a cuppa tea with some peanut butter cookies?
Recognize the apron? :)
Sorry I am a wee bit late coming to the note card party. Seems to be my state of being these days.
Enjoy Vee's blog!


Deb said...

That door is so sweet. Yes, you do have a secret garden. Gorgeous.

Susan said...

I'm so behind in blogging with this move--you are way ahead of me! I love the door too and the's what connects us, XOXO

Vee said...

Yay! You made it! I sure do recognize one of Susan's wonderful aprons...terrific! Mine is patiently waiting for Christmas and I didn't pack it away somewhere so I can forget about it, either. It's on a hook in my my sewing room so I see it every day. ☺

Those canola fields are simply gorgeous...all that yellow bloom and blue sky. I'd like to go past your door into the secret the added whimsy of a door going nowhere. I have one behind the barn and have yet to put it in a new home.

Thanks for getting your link added this time and don't forget September's party on the 17 and 18th.

Donna said...

Better late than never! I adore that door in your garden. If you find it missing some morning, it's because I sent Marty over to swipe it, LOL!

Sally Kelly said...

Love that door w/ the scrollwork!

Meggie said...

Oh yes, I know that apron !!