Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mid June Garden Romp

You can see an old wooden door in the back.
It was from our front.
We have a lovely new door but me being me I felt I could repurpose this door.
And I did.

 I like to call this my strawberry ice cream peony.
Just makes you want a strawberry ice cream cone.

Look who is hiding in the plant barrel!

This bee was so laden with pollen that when he flew off the lupin he fell to the patio.
He was fine though and flew off with no problem.

 Apples forming
  Can you tell I'm loving this little vignette?

Here's a peak at our new shed colour.
Not completely finished.
Looks good with the yellow loosestrife.
Mr Easter Island Man is decked out in his new cowboy hat!

More peonies!

  One of my favourite hostas!
BIG AND BEAUTIFUL (not its official name)
 A White Peony
 Are these not the cutest pot rest feet?
The pot was my father in laws.
He loved my garden almost as much as I do.
 Self explanantory

Looks like our frog is back too!


Deb said...

I don't blame the frog for coming back. Paradise.

Mariodacatsmom said...

You have such a lovely garden, and that door is just the "cat's meow!" It's so perfect in your garden.

Susan said...

I love the "romp" in your garden...which is just magical. The gate door is particularly lovely! XOXO