Thursday, June 6, 2013

Knock Knock! Who's there?

Um  Hello?

I am finally getting myself back to my blog.
First of all I am battling a persistent shoulder issue.
I am doing physio once a week and it seems to be slowly -- very slowly getting stronger.
I have been banned from doing any kind of yarn work and yard work.
Thank goodness HB has been off during the busy gardening prep season.
He has been great weeding, deadheading, and planting up pots!

Finally we are getting some warmish weather  so it is time to
start getting ready for some back garden parties.  Its wonderful
to see the leaves bursting and the flowers flowering. Since we had
such a hot dry summer last year the flowering trees and bushes
are giving quite a display this spring.

Deb and I are back to our walks.
It feels great and it is also a terrific time to just talk too.
We have upped our distance just yesterday in fact.
My legs were a little more stiff last night.
But it feels good to push a bit more.
Well there it is!
Its been awhile but on the advice of my
friend and walking buddy she said "just do it".



Deb said...

Hey, you`re back. Now everyone can see your gorgeous gardens. My pic turned out pretty good so I`ll tag you in it on fb. See you tomorrow.

Jane and Chris said...

You have been missed...I think you really just got lost in that gorgeous flower garden of yours!
Jane x

Susan said...

Missed you too! Sorry to hear about your shoulder--the aches and pains of age I know well. Your garden photos are just beautiful and I love, love Columbine. It was one of my mother's favorite flowers and the unusual coloring just amazes me. XOXO

Mariodacatsmom said...

Sorry about your shoulder. Hope it heals soon and gets back to normal.