Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Trip, An Injury, and Waiting

I haven't been in the mood for blogging lately and won' be blogging for the next couple of weeks.
I am heading to Alberta to help with a move and get my Miles and Riley fix.

I am still nursing a bummed up shoulder and it is making me feel a wee bit down.
Yes Yes I know I need to go see Dr. F  and probably will once I am back.
I hung up the knitting needles and crochet hook for awhile.
I can't believe how much I miss it.
I did do a 3 season Downton Abbey marathon.
You are all right it was amazing.
But wait --- Season 4 --- January 2014 you say?
I know it starts in the fall in the UK so I am hoping to do a download (Shhhhh secretly don't mention it to anyone)
I hope by the time I am home I see a lot of these.
Wishing you all a perfectly glorious .......................


Deb said...

Oh my goodness, I hope that shoulder heals up. Take it easy with the kids. Tell Iian that if he wants to go away at any time I'll be around to feel Addy & Lucky. Give him my email and we'll take it from there.
Have a wonderful time. I think it will be warming up this week now and we are hoping to get on the land to have some drilling done. Right now there is so much snow you can't drive in. Take care, Sue. Have fun. Deb

Deb said...

That was 'feed' Abby and Lucky.

Mariodacatsmom said...

Enjoy those beautiful grandchildren. We'll all still be here when you return. Hope that shoulder heals. I had rotator cuff surgery about 5 years ago. Now it feels like it's coming back!

Susan said...

Enjoy those grands! I'm going to get my fix on the 25th when I travel back east to see our new granddaughter and her sister, Maddie. Can't wait. Take care of your shoulder, XOXO

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Enjoy your away time and those Grands! I hope your shoulder feels better soon, those injuries can get us down for sure!
hugs, Linda

Susan said...

I just got home last Sunday from my Maddie and Emmie fix! Now life gets hectic with an eminent move in our future to get closer to our grands. Take care of your shoulder and have a marvelous time with your grands, XOXO