Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Still GF and Going Gray

I am sitting here in my living room in my fav spot with a cup of early morning coffee listening to the freezing rain hit the window.
Jock River
Ashton Ontario
Winter 2011
I am happy that I did groceries yesterday and I have no intention of leaving my house today.
Almost finished the blanket for a friend's daughter so that will be my accomplishment for the day.

Oh ya and make a lasagna for tomorrow's lunch.
Our friend's son and daughter in law and new wee babe are in Ottawa from Scotland.
He is a pipe drummer and is doing workshops here for a week.
HB is going in to pick them up as we thought an afternoon sitting on comfy chairs would be much more enjoyable than sitting on hard restaurant chairs.
Hopefully we are dug by then  :-)

So this gluten thing.
I have been GF for nearly a month now.
I didn't think I was feeling anything happening with it so last weekend had some gluten.
Boy was I wrong.
After having a piece of toast for breakfast and a couple slices of pizza for dinner --------
I felt like I was ready to explode.

It took the rest of the night and an uncomfortable sleep for it to pass.
So since last Sunday I am on the GF routine again and no bloating.
So now do I not only have to be aware of lactose in anything (lactose intolerent for the the past 20 years) I have to be aware of wheaty stuff too.
I will have to reaccess my wheat diet or lack there of.
Wheat Carbs have always been a nemesis in the weight department and maybe this is why.
Unfortunately I have not noticed any weight loss as yet but I am still hopeful.
We used our pizza stone and it made a lovely crispy crust.

 Everything always tastes better with shiraz !!

Now for my next trick.
I have been blonde for hmmmm let me think 10 years.
Well not naturally and I have decided to go au naturel !
I have the best hairdresser and she is being very encouraging.
She seems to think my hair will be great with deeply speckled gray bits.
Last week I had an appointment and got hi and low lites so that the transiton would not look as obvious as it had.
Oh ya my natural colour is/was a darkish blonde.

Wishing you all a terrific Wednesday.


Deb said...

Lots here. First, that blanket is gorgeous. I'm glad you got to stay in because it is h.e.double hockey sticks out there. I just got back in the door 5pm after serving dinner to three cats in three different houses. Phew. I'm home. Sorry to hear about the GF thing but it will keep you healthy once you get the hang of it. I hear good things about it. Great idea on the hair having it highlighted. It looks good. I've been thinking of this but Brittany tells me that I only have grey on top. She doesn't suggest I do this yet. My mom was salt and pepper but only on top of her head. Genes are playing a factor here. Have a good night.

Susan said...

You are a bold woman! I colour my hair too, but not so much for vanity as I would not have beautiful gray hair. My skin tone is olivey, which clashes horribly with gray!
My best friend's husband has celiac disease and since eliminating wheat from his diet (years ago) he feels so much better. The best thing is that you don't have to give up toast or pizza with gluten-free products around. Stay warm, XOXO