Saturday, February 16, 2013

Danger in the Backyard

While sitting the other day having a cup of tea and doing a bit of knitting---
All of a sudden there was a flappity flap outside.
I looked out the window and noticed there was not one bird on the feeders
or one sound from the trees.

HB and I searched (from the warmth of the family room) the trees and this is what we saw.

Tucked very comforably in the spruce tree was a Sharp Shinned Hawk.
He/She was being very quiet and really did not look like was on the hunt.
I figured with all the preening some poor little bird had already given his life.
He stayed there for a couple of hours. The chickadees were extremely upset and one very brave lil fella sat just above this hawk and gave that chickadee danger danger call.
Then he (the hawk) was gone.
and life returned to normal in the Herriott Street backyard restaurant.
Who showed up the next day.
Cue ominous music.


Catherine said...

Wow! What a terrific sighting! Hawks are so beautiful!.
xo Catherine

Mariodacatsmom said...

Great camera shot. Hawks are beautiful and a necessary part of the animal world I guess, but I get very upset when they do a kill in my back yard. I've been known to run outside and scare them away - especially if my favorite little Chickadee is out there.

Deb said...

Can I say this without getting into doodoo? "I don't like hawks.I may even hate them. I would be out there throwing things at it. That's just me. Always protecting the little ones.

Jane and Chris said...

You have to admire his tenacity!
Jane x

Susan said...

Be careful, I heard one attacked a human just because he walked by a light pole where a hawk had her nest! I think I would not put food out for awhile to discourage the hawk from having a "buffet" of little birds!, XOXO