Thursday, February 28, 2013

Digging Out

Here in Carleton Place (about 35km west of Ottawa) IT started just after supper time.
IT snowed

And snowed 

And snowed

And snowed

Then this morning we woke up knowing we had to dig, snowblow, brush, and scrape.

After 3 hours we were finally dug out.
We were supposed to have the Lawson's in for lunch today but unfortunately it took way too long to get dug out.
So no visit.  :-(

Not one little bird was around ALL day.
Then around 4:00 a few came floating in.
The feeders were freshly filled and fresh water was in the water bath.

There were lots of kitty prints around so the feral station was topped up too.
Unfortunately if the starlings get a glance of the food bowl they sweep in and can devour ALL the food in a matter of minutes.
I hope I have hidden the bowl well enough for the kittys to get a few nibbles.
Hope you are all safe and sound tonight.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Still GF and Going Gray

I am sitting here in my living room in my fav spot with a cup of early morning coffee listening to the freezing rain hit the window.
Jock River
Ashton Ontario
Winter 2011
I am happy that I did groceries yesterday and I have no intention of leaving my house today.
Almost finished the blanket for a friend's daughter so that will be my accomplishment for the day.

Oh ya and make a lasagna for tomorrow's lunch.
Our friend's son and daughter in law and new wee babe are in Ottawa from Scotland.
He is a pipe drummer and is doing workshops here for a week.
HB is going in to pick them up as we thought an afternoon sitting on comfy chairs would be much more enjoyable than sitting on hard restaurant chairs.
Hopefully we are dug by then  :-)

So this gluten thing.
I have been GF for nearly a month now.
I didn't think I was feeling anything happening with it so last weekend had some gluten.
Boy was I wrong.
After having a piece of toast for breakfast and a couple slices of pizza for dinner --------
I felt like I was ready to explode.

It took the rest of the night and an uncomfortable sleep for it to pass.
So since last Sunday I am on the GF routine again and no bloating.
So now do I not only have to be aware of lactose in anything (lactose intolerent for the the past 20 years) I have to be aware of wheaty stuff too.
I will have to reaccess my wheat diet or lack there of.
Wheat Carbs have always been a nemesis in the weight department and maybe this is why.
Unfortunately I have not noticed any weight loss as yet but I am still hopeful.
We used our pizza stone and it made a lovely crispy crust.

 Everything always tastes better with shiraz !!

Now for my next trick.
I have been blonde for hmmmm let me think 10 years.
Well not naturally and I have decided to go au naturel !
I have the best hairdresser and she is being very encouraging.
She seems to think my hair will be great with deeply speckled gray bits.
Last week I had an appointment and got hi and low lites so that the transiton would not look as obvious as it had.
Oh ya my natural colour is/was a darkish blonde.

Wishing you all a terrific Wednesday.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nuthatches and Fish and Chips

HB and I had an awesome Saturday.
We decided since the weather is starting to take a decidedly spring feel to go for a hike.
Nothing too strenuous just a wee walk on one of the many trails in the Ottawa area.
We decided on the Old Quarry Trail.

It was so peaceful walking thru the trees.
Only a few cross country skiers, bird watchers, and photographers.
Of course we saw wildlife.
 Lots of turkeys trotting around!

 Look up. Look way up. In the top of a tree was a porcupine.
A wee red squirrel nibbling on seed some kind soul left for him.
A beautiful male cardinal who was singing up a storm.
She only stopped long enough to get her picture taken.
This was the highlight of my walk.
A little red breasted nuthatch was eating from our hands with his chickadee friends.
When you venture out for a walk on the trails toss some sunflowers seeds in your pockets.
You will not be disappointed.
Someone has been doing a great job on this tree!!
We ended the morning with lunch at La Pointe fish restaurant.
HB had suishi.
I had fish and chips but not your normal F and C.
It was mahi mahi with garam masala and ginger.
Very yummy. 
HB said his suishi was deeelicious.
Then we went hat shopping for Hb and got him a nifty linen "driving cap"
You know? The kind Jackie Stewart used to wear.
Today it is laundry and prepping for our Oscars night tapas supper.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

New Obsession and DT Abbey

HELP!!!!  I can't stop making these cute little crochet baskets.
I may need an intervention from Jeff !
Well Now I have buggered up my shoulder and elbow (of course my crochet arm) so I have to go through withdrawl.
I really can't believe how much I want to pick up that hook.
I have other projects to finish up so I suppose that will do for now.
I have been hearing so much about Downton Abbey so I have downloaded Season 1 and 2.
This morning I watched the first episode while doing my workout.
Yup I can get into this!
Looks like a Downton Abbey marathon is in my future.
Have a terrific Friday night!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Danger in the Backyard

While sitting the other day having a cup of tea and doing a bit of knitting---
All of a sudden there was a flappity flap outside.
I looked out the window and noticed there was not one bird on the feeders
or one sound from the trees.

HB and I searched (from the warmth of the family room) the trees and this is what we saw.

Tucked very comforably in the spruce tree was a Sharp Shinned Hawk.
He/She was being very quiet and really did not look like was on the hunt.
I figured with all the preening some poor little bird had already given his life.
He stayed there for a couple of hours. The chickadees were extremely upset and one very brave lil fella sat just above this hawk and gave that chickadee danger danger call.
Then he (the hawk) was gone.
and life returned to normal in the Herriott Street backyard restaurant.
Who showed up the next day.
Cue ominous music.

Our Valentine's Day

Well what can I say about Valentine's Day.
We had an absolutely fabulous day.
I was greeted in the morning by a note on the coffee pot --
We are going on a cruise!!
And before anyone says anything yes I have heard about the "floating toilet" cruise -- HAHAHA!!!!
Now this is a big dealio here as HB has always and I mean always has said
 "nope never going on a cruise"
Maybe this retirement thing is a good thing!
Spent the day doing Thursday type stuff.
HB and a friend of ours were doing supper for his wifey and me.
I was in charge of the table scape and dessert.


She was in charge of cocktails!
Good deal hunh?

So here was the menu
The starter was
Pan seared sesame scallops with black bean sauce served with a parmesan crisp
Prepared by HB

The Main
Beef Tenderloin served with a carrot horseradish jam
with Roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus
Prepared by HB (veggys) and Paul R (Beef and jam)
Of course HB made teeny bagettes
The Boys deep in Preparation.
They did a terrific job and it wasn't too bad a clean up!
Unfortunately I did not take pics of dessert but will take a few when we serve the rest on Sunday.
It was a flourless chocolate cake with cream and raspberries.
Stay tuned!