Saturday, December 1, 2012

Snow and Honeymooners

Had a wee bit of snow last week.

I guess it does make me feel a bit more Christmasy.
Unfortunately if I am expecting to keep this feeling because of snow I am on my own this coming week.
Forecast is for rain and way above zero temps.
Nope I don't need the snow.
My little tree is up and my wrapping station is full of paper and bows.
Next week it's baking time.
Cards are at the door ready to be mailed and i am thinking one more kick at shopping and whoila done!
I have to be done so I can get the western parcel on its way --- giddy up!
Picked up the the honeymooners in Montreal last Saturday.
They had a wonderfully relaxing time and were nicely brown when they arrived home.

Everyone was so hungry so we stopped at the A and W in Hudson Quebec.
It is a 2 hour drive to Ottawa and then another 40 minutes for HB and I to get to our town from Montreal.
Have a great weekend!!
Please keep my friend Deb at Just Cats in your thoughts.
She lost her sweet Cali last week.

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Susan said...

I'm glad we don't have snow; in fact, it was 59 today which is pretty decent for this time of year. You're so far ahead of your Christmas activities than me...I'm jealous:-D
Deb is in my thoughts--I went through losing my 17 year old Bailey in July and I know how much her cats mean to her. XOXO