Thursday, November 22, 2012

Presquile Park and Purple Sandpipers

Early this week HB and I with another birder friend made our way to Presquile Park.
I tagged along -- not so much for the birding but thought I could get some late fall shots of the park.

We arrived early and went on the elusive search of these purple sandpipers.
Image from the Internet
As some of you know HB is doing a Big Year for Ontario.
Some young whipper snapper named Josh has far exceded the previous number of 338 in 1996.
Iain is up to 284.
We trudged thru the park to what is called Gull Island.

Usually we have to look across a body of water with a scope to even see anything on it.
This year we could walk to the end of it.

I hate to report after hours of searching for those damn purple sandpipers  nada!
We did see a few Snowy Owls and huge flocks of Tundra Swans
The reason we went was that according to some birding reports they had been seen.
There was also a report of a Little Stint.
Image from the Internet
This guy is from Europe!
Looks like a Least Sandpiper!
I guess they had moved along by the time we got there.

HB has been interviewed by a couple of publications in the Ottawa area.
I have had a couple of pictures credited in them as well.


Jane and Chris said...

Ooh, ooh, birds..I'll be right with you.
Jane x

Susan said...

I saw the movie and was so impressed with the devoted bird watchers. Good luck to you DH on his pursuits. XOXO

Deb said...

And your photos were fantastic. This is very interesting to read. Hope all is going fine with the grand-kitties. They will be back Saturday, I presume. I am getting very busy as people are flying south to have that gorgeous tan for Christmas. I'm bunny-sittin', too. Talk soon.