Saturday, November 17, 2012

MacGuffin and Mulligan

HB and I have been making the daily sojourn to spend time with our 2 furry grand babies while the newlyweds bask in the Dominican sunshine.
We usually spend an hour or so with them.
Feeding, cleaning boxes, playing, doing the lights and shades, and a few cuddles.
Last evening we decided to take in supper and spend the whole evening with them.
Boy oh boy were there ever a couple of very happy pussy cats!!
They played and curled up with us while we watched TV.
There were lots of rubbins and purrs.

I hated leaving them all alone but one of S and W's neighbours pops in every  morning.
We will probably spend a couple hours with them again this evening. 
"You will be back tomorrow won't you?"


Mariodacatsmom said...

he he - I love your closing picture - it says it all! You do have to feel sorry for them as they don't understand where their humans went or why. They are very fortunate to have such wonderful furry grandparents who are willing to spend extra time with them. Enjoy!

Catherine said...

Now that's the kind of 'kid-sitting' I enjoy! LOL! I bet they were happy to see you and get some food and some love. Hope the newlyweds are having a super time!
xo Catherine

Susan said...

How can you resist those faces:-D What wonderful grandparents you are while the newlyweds are away, XOXO