Saturday, November 24, 2012

Upstairs Downstairs

Last week I decided to pull out some family silver.
We don't use silver tea services any more but

I will use it for a small vignette with a few flowers and some candy sticks.
The tea service belonged to my mother in law.

She gave it to us for our 25th wedding anniversary (um 9 years ago)
Then of course there are those little silver cups we all get when our children are born.
I even found my own.

All were pretty tarnished. But a morning of breathing in the delicious aroma of Silvo.....
They are sparkly again.
It did bring back memories of my mother and Nana dragging out all the silver and giving it a "good" polish for the holidays.

Wishing you all a sparkly weekend!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Last Visit with The Boys

The newlyweds arrive home Saturday evening.
HB and I had a last dinner with the boys.


BBQ burgers and hung around with them.

You can see MacGuffin sitting on the steps inside the door.
We smell burgers!!!!
Their house is clean. There is food in the fridge.And their boys are waiting for them.
HB and I are heading to Montreal tomorrow afternoon to pick up Mr and Mrs V!
Sunday we are doing a bit of decorating and then to friends for a very welcome dinner.
Unfortunately our Santa parade is tomorrow evening.
We will miss it.
But our town is decorated and waiting for the jolly old elf.
Taken from Carleton Place Nursery Facebook page


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Presquile Park and Purple Sandpipers

Early this week HB and I with another birder friend made our way to Presquile Park.
I tagged along -- not so much for the birding but thought I could get some late fall shots of the park.

We arrived early and went on the elusive search of these purple sandpipers.
Image from the Internet
As some of you know HB is doing a Big Year for Ontario.
Some young whipper snapper named Josh has far exceded the previous number of 338 in 1996.
Iain is up to 284.
We trudged thru the park to what is called Gull Island.

Usually we have to look across a body of water with a scope to even see anything on it.
This year we could walk to the end of it.

I hate to report after hours of searching for those damn purple sandpipers  nada!
We did see a few Snowy Owls and huge flocks of Tundra Swans
The reason we went was that according to some birding reports they had been seen.
There was also a report of a Little Stint.
Image from the Internet
This guy is from Europe!
Looks like a Least Sandpiper!
I guess they had moved along by the time we got there.

HB has been interviewed by a couple of publications in the Ottawa area.
I have had a couple of pictures credited in them as well.

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing all my American friends a very
 Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

MacGuffin and Mulligan

HB and I have been making the daily sojourn to spend time with our 2 furry grand babies while the newlyweds bask in the Dominican sunshine.
We usually spend an hour or so with them.
Feeding, cleaning boxes, playing, doing the lights and shades, and a few cuddles.
Last evening we decided to take in supper and spend the whole evening with them.
Boy oh boy were there ever a couple of very happy pussy cats!!
They played and curled up with us while we watched TV.
There were lots of rubbins and purrs.

I hated leaving them all alone but one of S and W's neighbours pops in every  morning.
We will probably spend a couple hours with them again this evening. 
"You will be back tomorrow won't you?"

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Peek

I can share a pic of Siobhan's bouquet.
Gray and black feathers and black callas with a bit of sparkle.
As I thought the photo does not do the display justice :-(
Our local florist (who is also a good friend) created this especially for Sio!

The back drop is her wedding gown.

Sweet Indulgence

So here I sit bleary eyed after getting up way too early to say goodbye to HB.
Very frosty this morning!!

He is spending the next couple of days in Hamilton on the elusive search of getting to his 280 of his "Big Year"
I've done a bit of painting, laundry, dishwasher, and litter box clean out.
Time for a big mug of Jo and get a little caught up.
My whirlwind trip to Alberta to bring Holly and the kiddlys to Ontario.

They are fabulous!!
So much fun.
We played and kissed and cuddled and played and kissed and cuddled.
Lots of block building, readng stories,playing with cars and trucks.

Trips to the park and playground.

I love them so much and miss miss miss them.
We had celebrations upon celebrations.
My house was full of laughter and love!!
Bridal shower.

It was a gloroius day for the wedding and all went perfect.
The day after we had a brunch for the family.
The newlyweds stayed over because the Neveus went back home the following Monday -early.
Why does it hurt your core so much to say goodbye?
I was a wreck all day Monday and now get a bit weepy when I think how much I miss them all.
Siobhan and Will are now soaking in the sun in the Dominican.

We are looking after their boys!

I am still trying to get the house back to "normal" and now it is time to think of Christmas.
Back to my walks with Deb. YAY!!!!

Got these lovely flowers from the newlyweds.

Hope to get a few wedding pics in the next few days.

Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm Baaaaaack -- well kind of :-)

Had a fabulous time with all the celebrations and visitors.
Adrenaline has been my best friend for over 2 months now.
Unfortunately it has ababndoned me and now I am dealing with the aftermath.
Insert Halloween pic here

I made it to 9:00 last night and that was quite the feat.
The wedding was spectacular!!!!!
No pics as yet but hope to get a few next week.
I will post a specific wedding post at a later date.
What will I do without my lil helpers in the kitchen?
Today HB and I are taking the newlyweds to Montreal.
They leave bright and early Saturday am for 2 weeks in the Dominican.
We will be looking after our 2 fur grand babies.
Lots of trips to Barrhaven (40 min drive from us)
I promise to sit one day next week and get caught up!
Walks again with Deb next week!  YAY!
Have a terrific weekend.