Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Trails New Friend

My time with the travelling apron is at an end.
It has been sent on its way to

Drop in and meet her.
She loves photography, as she says "junkin", lots of collections, and her grandson!

It has certainly been an inspiration to me to get in touch with my kitchen
even though it has been terribly hot and humid here .
Now that the weather has taken a decidely end of summer turn 
I will start letting those inspirations fly.
It also helped me reconnect with my mother and grandmother.
I have discovered a few recipes that both these ladies were known for.
My mother passed away when I was quite young and my grandmother helped raise myself and two sisters.
My grandmother (Nana) passed away about 15 years ago but was baking up to the end!
She made the best damn coconut cream pie!!!!
I have always felt they were quite an inspiration to me and even in my short time with my mother she instilled in me all the importance of raising happy children and having a happy home!

For this opportunity!
Drop by and meet all these wonderful people!

I have been asked about that peach salsa recipe.


Jane and Chris said...

I'm so happy that the apron worked it's magic...it has a way of doing that!
Off to meet my 'new' sister!
Jane x

Deb said...

Happy Trails to the apron. I know Linda will do it proud. Glad you had fun with it, Susan.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Susan I am beyond excited to be the next lucky recipient of the 'traveling Susan apron'!! Can't wait to get inspired!

I 'heard' it was your birthday so hope it's a wonderful day! Hugs,Linda

ShannonAnn said...

So very happy to meet you!!! Very cool apron too. Xo's

Susan said...

It is exciting to see where The Apron's next stop is:-D The connection between all of us is so uncanny and know that if we all lived closer, we'd be best friends; so this is the next best thing. Happy Baking, XOXO

Meggie said...

It's very exciting to see the magic of the apron moving on....I'm so glad you had a good time with it.