Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is it really almost over?

Our last week in Alberta.
Really has it been almost a month since leaving Herriott Street.
It has been fabulous spending time with everyone.
The Peas are absolutely the 2 most fantastic little beings.
Of course now that they are a big ONE we can't call them "the babies" any more.
So we have been trying out "the kiddlys" for now.

We spent a day at the West Edmonton Mall.
Worthwhile seeing the place.
It is huge!

The kiddlys enjoyed the ball pit at Galaxy Kids more than the shopping though.

Spent a weekend in Banff

The mountains are spectacular.
What a beautiful country we live in.

 The kiddlys enjoyed the pool time at the Ramada in Canmore.

 Sparty wrestled with a bear outside the hotel and WON!
YAY Sparty.

Downtown Banff

Our last week here and summer has hit Alberta.
Yesterday was 32 yup 32 here in Camrose!!
The rest of the week looks the same.
Got he kiddly pool filled up and getting heated for those sweet munchkins.


Deb said...

Great photos. Now I'm missing Banff. I loved it there. I guess we'll see you in the near future.

Mariodacatsmom said...

The kiddys are so very cute. You have some great pictures for memories.

Catherine said...

Alberta is a beautiful province! And West Edmonton Mall ~ always enjoyable! Looks like you took some terrific photos and had a good time. Good for you!
xo C