Monday, June 18, 2012

Sparty"s Excellent Adventure (or Nona and Bapa are on the way)

We thought we would bring Sparty along for the ride.
here he is waiting for his take along coffee

Come on guys I am ready to roll.

Do you think the girls knew something was up?
Broke my heart :-(

Stop in North Bay for a pee and a breakfast sandwich.

Let"s GO!

Peppy needs a tankfull.

Lots and lots of lupins.

Come on Sparty!
Stop frolicking in the lupins.

Had to stop for a phone call.
"Yes Brian anything you have to do to keep Karlsson!!"

Expressing the softer side of Sparty.

Had to stop in Moonbeam to check out the space ship

After a long day hunkering down with a beer and the remote and get caught up on Facebook


Deb said...

You guys are nutty! I can see you are still having fun. Lucky says "howdy" and Addy is under the bed.

Mariodacatsmom said...

Well you sure have crammed a lot into your day.