Friday, June 29, 2012

Peas are one! Peas are one!

What a wonderful time we are having here in Alberta.
It is fantastic spending this time with everyone here.
Today is officially their birthday
we are having the party tomorrow.

 Chocolate cake with purple and orange icing,

 Lil Miss Smarty pants.

 Miles enjoys his pool.
Took Miss R a day but finally took the plunge.

 Playing in the backyard.

Of course I will post pics of the cake smashing tomorrow.
I may be a wee bit biased but are these not the most adorable Peas ever!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Road Trip Wrapup

After a horrendous night in Longlac , Ontario.
Awful food and worse hotel.
We were on the road once more.
Made it to Winnipeg,
 Manitoba about 6.

Here is a picture from our hotel room at 9:30 PM!

Had a fantastic meal with a glass of wine in the Sheraton dining room.
A lovely sleep in our own queen size beds.

One of the many many rain storms ran into.
   Yay Saskatchewan.
Getting closer and closer to our Peas.
Mind you it seemed forever to get to the other side.

Time for a coffee and a tazo chai.

Yay Saskatchewan.
Getting closer and closer to our Peas.
Mind you it seemed forever to get to the other side.

Stopped for some lunch.

Played some hide and seek with Sparty

Finally hit Alberta,
Here we come Peas!!

Big Sky Country

Made it to Camrose about 6:45.
Peas had just had their baths.
They were a bit overwhelmed by our arrival.
But the next day they started warming up.

Been here 3 days and I think they are used to us now.
Have been taking lots of pics which you know I will be posting.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sparty"s Excellent Adventure (or Nona and Bapa are on the way)

We thought we would bring Sparty along for the ride.
here he is waiting for his take along coffee

Come on guys I am ready to roll.

Do you think the girls knew something was up?
Broke my heart :-(

Stop in North Bay for a pee and a breakfast sandwich.

Let"s GO!

Peppy needs a tankfull.

Lots and lots of lupins.

Come on Sparty!
Stop frolicking in the lupins.

Had to stop for a phone call.
"Yes Brian anything you have to do to keep Karlsson!!"

Expressing the softer side of Sparty.

Had to stop in Moonbeam to check out the space ship

After a long day hunkering down with a beer and the remote and get caught up on Facebook

Friday, June 15, 2012

Wild Rose Country Tour

On our way to Alberta!
The Peas turn one -- The Peas turn one
 June 29th.

Of course Nona and Bapa have to be there.
So Sunday early morning we are on our way.
Hoping to be there Tuesday night.
I plan to keep a blog journal of our trip.
If any of you remember our first foray to Wild Rose Country, (see January 2012 post)
It was January and we had two cats in tow.
This trip should be much more enjoyable.


Lucky really enjoys the sunshine.
She is certainly our little sun worshipper.

Tipsy pots!

Cardinal red (altho it looks more on the purple side to me) clematis.
Seems a fabulous year for Clematis.

Borrowed this yarn winder from my friend , Joyce.

Wow!  Want one.
Just sit with a cup of tea and wind and wind and wind!

Now I have my skeins whipped into a ball.
And already for my latest project!

Hosta Collection

These are just a few of my wonderful Hosta collection.
It has been amassed over 20 years.
Unfortuately I don't remember the names of them all.
But they are amongst my favourite plants in the garden.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Ever wonder what magic is happening  in your garden?