Saturday, May 26, 2012

Feathery and Furry visits

Spent last Saturday (may 19th) at Sio and Will"s.
The boys played golf and us girls just hung out.

Mulligan and MacGuffin like to watch from the windows.
Hi "Aunty Deb" Nona took our pictures especially for you!!

Cedar Waxwings came  for a visit to our backyard.
They don't ususally stay too long but they have been here for over a week.
They are enjoying the new apple buds on our tree and the water baths.

Isn't this great? Got a shot of his crest up -- "Hey girls I'm over here!!!!!!"

And got a great shot of Mrs. Hummer checking out the petunias hanging by our shed.


Deb said...

"Hi you two gorgeous felines."

Pat said...

I love those Cedar Waxwings. They are gorgeous birds.
Hello kitties, too!