Friday, April 13, 2012

Thursday with my HB and Presqu'ile

Spent the day at Presqu'ile Park yesterday.
Lots of walking and standing.
I always enjoy the park and there are lots of places to take pics.
It was a bit chilly but occasionally the sun would break through and it was fantastic!

It always makes me angry knowing that areas make it appealing to wildlife and birds.
There are sections fenced in telling people to not disturb the nesting shore birds and yet .....
the park is open to hunting

I was excited to get this pic.
I have seen pictures in magazines of displaying swans but never experienced it myself.
I won't bore you with the umpteen other pics of this I took.

 The long spit out to Gull Island

One of the fenced in areas for nesting.

 Lots of washed up shells.

 Pussy Willows

 Daffs just popping up along the trails.
I have been told the "wild " flowers we see are probably remnants of pioneer homes.

 Lighthouse at the Point

 Iain loading up the car after our day

 Mallard and Milady

Osprey sitting on her nest

Being serenaded by a lovely little song sparrow.

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Crafty Gardener said...

You got some good photos at Presqu'ile.