Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cowboys and Pizza

A nice start to a Saturday morning.
Rainy morning.
Slept in a bit.
A western and a
bit of knitting.

Maybe some laundry.
And a bit of domesticity.
Then making some pizza and settling in for more hockey playoffs.

Hope you are having a superb Saturday.

Thanks for visiting.


Deb said...

Had 5 hours sleep thanks to Audrey and her shenanigans. From 5 to 7 she decided to run across the bed onto the window sill back across the bed and down to the floor. Yippee..once again now. I'm dragging but had a great time this morning with 6 kitties I hadn't seen for ages. I photographed a few to show off their markings. Gorgeous! Have a fun day. I am cleaning and baking favorite muffins for Riley who is sick. again. :(

Mariodacatsmom said...

Sounds like a nice morning and nice day. That pizza looks delicious,