Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ants in my Pants

There was a lot of sleeping yesterday.
It was a rainy cold day and I guess that is what you do when you are a pussy cat.
Unforunately Addy had too much I think and decided to be up most of the night.
She found a pom pom that she loves to play with and yes played with it most of the night.
I tried finding the thing numerous times to no avail.
Why did I find this wet disgusting thing on the bathroom floor this morning?

So it will be a bit slow today.
Grocery shopping, a bit of ironing, yes some knitting.
A skype with the Peas.
They had a rough day yesterday but sounds like it it was a better night.

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Deb said...

Oh good lord, sounds like you had a bad night and I finally had a good one. I kept Audrey up all evening, carrying the little she-devil around with me everywhere. She slept like a baby last night. Those peas are so sweet. Cute, cute cute! See you tomorrow if it ain't pourin'.