Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Move and Big Year

Finally Siobhan and Will are moved.
Iain and I arrived Friday afternoon.
Iain and Will picked up the truck.
Enjoyed the evening having supper and watching hockey.
Boo Hoo Sens lost!
Saturday -- move move move.
By about 3 all was moved in.
Champers and pizza.

Sunday Iain and I went for a wee drive to the Deschenes Rapids.

Iain (who according to me is a world class birder) is in competition with his buddy, Kevin, to see who can see the most birds in Ontario in one year.
I believe the number to beat is 338.
This competition is called "The Big Year"!
Not to be confused by the movie of the same name.
It is based on a book (Mark Obmascik) and altho birders do have a sense of humour the book was not written as a funny thing.
Anyway he was searching for this gull.
Heerman's Gull
From the Internet

 It is a rarity usually only residing in California, Mexico, and southern B C.
Unfortunately he did not see it.
It was a nice outing anyway.

Got an awful email from Siobhan last night.
Their living room ceiling was leaking from the upstairs bathroom.
To make matters worse their superintendent said it wasn't an emergency!!!!!
Well now the ceiling has burst and there is water everywhere.
I haven't heard from her this morning but plan on giving her a call this morning


Mariodacatsmom said...

Beautiful pictures. I love birds too, but am not into it to the point where I purposely go looking for them. They are so interesting to watch,

Catherine said...

I sure hope everything turns out OK! I guess that water leaking was more of an emergency then the superintendent thought!! GAAAK!

Good luck!
xo Catherine

Deb said...

If you stop for lunch it's all worth it to me. Thanks for dropping by today and Audrey is having a blast with her new toy. Drop by anytime, Deb