Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Day

Off we set at about 8.
 Uh oh cats are not very happy!
O my god will they ever shut up and stop pushing their wee noses against the crate door.

By about Deep River(2 hours) the Rescue remedy and feliway started taking affect.
Opening the doors of their crates and giving them some freedom helped enormously.
They found their niches and settled down.
After a while they decided they wanted to be together and spent most of the trip in the crate together.
The weather was horrendus!

Highway was snow covered and it was very slow  and I mean slow.
At about the 6 hour mark the road cleared and we were able to speed up a bit.
Will we ever see "The Kap"?
Yup finally did and our destination for the night was about an hour away.
Here we are at the Companion Motel in Hearst Ontario.

We thought we may have to sneak the boys in but on our way back from supper there was a copious amount of barking from the room 2 doors down
So here are after a deliciously satisfying hamburger platter with gravy for our fries.
Yup we went there.
I think there was some red wine involved as well.
So hoping for a good night sleep and an early morning!!

1 comment:

Deb said...

I remember those roads in the winter. NASTY!
One day down. Those cats deserved a special dinner (without wine.) Your cats are eating well, pooping sufficiently and ignoring me all to heck.
Stay safe!