Sunday, January 22, 2012

Final Days

Kinda tired Friday to update so here it goes.
Made it thru Manitoba -- flat and snowy

And Saskatchewan -- flat and snowy
"Hi Catherine from Corner of a Cat's Mind"
Drove the Yellowhead Highway and drove and drove and drove.

Lots of snowy owls along the highway.
Spotted a couple of coyotes running along the way!

First thought was to get to Saskatoon.
Uh oh Bapa has a weird idea -- "Let's go ALL the way to Camrose"
Hmmm love to but that's a long ass way!!
Got to Battleford , Saskatchewan and that is where we lay our sleepy heads.
Cats were happy to stop too!

I think they recognize the Super 8 sign.
Once we got hem settled with some food and water we went out for supper.
Ate at a Boston Pizza, had a chicken veg wrap --- I think it was my first veggies in 3 days!
Another night sleep and up at 7.

Only 4 hours to Camrose.
Weather was dreadful -- whiteouts and freezing rain -- but determined to see our Peas and Holly and Dan!
Got in around 11 -- in time for lunch!
Big smiles from Miles altho Riley was just waking up so could not figure how Nona and Bapa got out of that computer.
Didn't take long and she was all smikles too.
Panago Pizza and wine for supper.
Good night sleep.
Now coffee and watching soccer.
Spending the day with the Neveus.

Their house is fabulous and they seem to be quite settled!

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Deb said...

So glad you made it safe and sound. Oh my goodness, they are adorable. I think the cats did great considering how long this took. Now they have to get used to a new house. You enjoy your visit. Lucky and I are getting along fine and Addy is just being Addy. I got some free food given to me and I will leave it in your garage for the ferals. They will appreciate it more than any house cat. Have fun you guys. Hugs, Deb