Thursday, January 26, 2012


That is what these last few days have felt.

I know I am in Alberta and
I know I am visiting Holly and 
I know she lives in Alberta ..........

I won't be posting very much and I cannot download pics for those posts.
I will have lots once I am home!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Final Days

Kinda tired Friday to update so here it goes.
Made it thru Manitoba -- flat and snowy

And Saskatchewan -- flat and snowy
"Hi Catherine from Corner of a Cat's Mind"
Drove the Yellowhead Highway and drove and drove and drove.

Lots of snowy owls along the highway.
Spotted a couple of coyotes running along the way!

First thought was to get to Saskatoon.
Uh oh Bapa has a weird idea -- "Let's go ALL the way to Camrose"
Hmmm love to but that's a long ass way!!
Got to Battleford , Saskatchewan and that is where we lay our sleepy heads.
Cats were happy to stop too!

I think they recognize the Super 8 sign.
Once we got hem settled with some food and water we went out for supper.
Ate at a Boston Pizza, had a chicken veg wrap --- I think it was my first veggies in 3 days!
Another night sleep and up at 7.

Only 4 hours to Camrose.
Weather was dreadful -- whiteouts and freezing rain -- but determined to see our Peas and Holly and Dan!
Got in around 11 -- in time for lunch!
Big smiles from Miles altho Riley was just waking up so could not figure how Nona and Bapa got out of that computer.
Didn't take long and she was all smikles too.
Panago Pizza and wine for supper.
Good night sleep.
Now coffee and watching soccer.
Spending the day with the Neveus.

Their house is fabulous and they seem to be quite settled!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day Two Done

Off we go again -- left at 7 this morning!
Altho we woke to about 6 inches of snow and cold as heck -25C (-40 with the windchill)
Didn't get pics of the car cuz by the time I got out Iain had the car pretty much brushed off.
Down the icy roads to about Thunder Bay and then it was kind of clear sailing.

There is a lot of chatting in the car and at one point I remember thinking "I wonder at what mileage will we run out of things to talk about"
So far we are doing okay!!
Okay so here are 2 pics to show we are in Northern Ontario

So here we are in a Super 8 in Kenora!

Supper time

Onto tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Day

Off we set at about 8.
 Uh oh cats are not very happy!
O my god will they ever shut up and stop pushing their wee noses against the crate door.

By about Deep River(2 hours) the Rescue remedy and feliway started taking affect.
Opening the doors of their crates and giving them some freedom helped enormously.
They found their niches and settled down.
After a while they decided they wanted to be together and spent most of the trip in the crate together.
The weather was horrendus!

Highway was snow covered and it was very slow  and I mean slow.
At about the 6 hour mark the road cleared and we were able to speed up a bit.
Will we ever see "The Kap"?
Yup finally did and our destination for the night was about an hour away.
Here we are at the Companion Motel in Hearst Ontario.

We thought we may have to sneak the boys in but on our way back from supper there was a copious amount of barking from the room 2 doors down
So here are after a deliciously satisfying hamburger platter with gravy for our fries.
Yup we went there.
I think there was some red wine involved as well.
So hoping for a good night sleep and an early morning!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ready to Go?

Today is an exciting day for me.
I get to check everything off my list for going away!

Key to Aunty Deb -- check
Rescue remedy/Feliway packed -- check
Emerg Kit for car -- check
IPods charged --check
Starbucks ready to brew -- check 
Snacks and water -- check
Prezzies for the Peas -- check
House ready for Addy and Lucky --check
Bad weather for driving -- check
Just discovered Super 8's are pet friendly -- check
Of course there are masses of other things being checked as well
but didn't want to bore you with them all.

My great friend ,Elsa, made me yummy macaroons for the road trip!
Hopefully they make it to the car :-)

Now to have a reasonable sleep and get on the road early in the morning!!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Thought I should introduce the boys who are coming on this adventure !



Sunday, January 15, 2012

Alberta Bound

I am in the middle or maybe at the end of getting ready for a monster of a road trip.
Daughter , Holly, is settled in her new house in Camrose Alberta.
Her feline babies are still at my house.
Airlines will not transport them in this cold weather -- understandable.
SOOOOO Iain and I have decided that we are driving the boys to their new home.
 I have a supply of naturalistic sprays that are stress reducing.
I have 2 expections -- 1. being serenaded by catawalling for miles and miles and miles or 2. having such relaxed pussy cats they will be chanting in the back seat
I am hoping to post on our way.
So come on with us on our adventure

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Feral Cousins and Feathered Friends

Woke this morning to more snow!
Thank goodness the temperature is a wee bit warmer.
Ha ha and by that I mean it isn't -25C (-13F) it's -11C (12F)!

Trudged through my back yard to top up the feeders!

I bought this heated bird bath at the start of the winter.
It certainly attracts the birds especially when the temps REALLY dip!

The last few years I have had the feral cousins feeding station at the back of my yard.
There were a few problems with that:
too close to the bird station
when it snowed hard I couldn't get back there
there really wasn't a spot that seemed very protective.

So this year I have it on my front porch and so far it seems to be working.
Also I am pretty sure some of the cousins sleep under my front porch.
I have used my old bird bath heater from previous years to keep water for them.
The food is going and I see little kitty prints!

Holly's cat Charlie keeps a watchful eye over me while I top the station up!

Christmas with our Peas

Miles left milk and yummy cherry white chocolate cookies for Santa.
And of course a carrot for Rudolph!


Unfortunately Riley just could not stay awake long enough.


Miles opened his Christmas eve gift.


It is a lovely little music box from Bapa.
On his last trip to Korea he found a local artisan who makes these little boxes.
You got to choose your design and music it plays.
He chose "Beauty and the Beast".
It was one of our girls fav movies when they were little.


Christmas morning we started with stockings!

 It didn't take long for the Peas to get into the gift unwrapping!

 Riley loved the top Santa brought for her.

 She loves her Aunty Sio.

 Santa brought Riley measuring spoons so she can help Mommy in the kitchen.

 Miles loved his plaid shirt Nona and Bapa gave him.

And Riley looked adorable in her denin jumper

It was fantastic to have our whole little family together for Christmas!
Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2012.