Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Left on a Jet Plane

Holly, Dan, and our Peas are in Alberta.
We had an awesome Christmas.
The whole fam damily were here for Christmas morning.
Pics to follow.

But this morning we were up at 5 and out of the house by 6:15.
We had a major snow storm last night but we managed to limp to the airport with time to spare.
"Time to spare"----
 yup more time for the knots in my stomach to quadruple but more time for hugs and kisses!

Siobhan and Will came to say their good byes too.
Will left to go to work and we took Sio home after
we watched their plane take off.
It is going to be a very quiet few days!


Deb said...'s hard to see them go, I'm sure. Enjoy that 'quiet time' though. I'm sure you need it. I expect I'll be cat-sitting more now that you will be visiting them. It's really not that far. Keep that in mind. Hope the cats all got along over Christmas. Shoot me off an update sometime.

Mariodacatsmom said...

Those precious times together seem to fly by don't they. Hope you got lots of pictures to remember by.