Sunday, December 4, 2011

Have Not Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

So a whole lot has been happening around here the last few weeks.
Daughter Holly, son in law Dan, our peas Miles and Riley are heading to Camrose.
They have a lovely looking house in the town and it looks like it will be a wonderful spot to raise the peas for a bit.
Dan left November 26th for his start date of November 28th.
Originally Holly, the peas and Nona were going to go the weekend after to set up house.
Then they were heading to CP for Christmas. After some long talks we all decided it was financially extravagent.
On a personal note I put a lot into the holiday season and if I was in Camrose til the middle of December ---- well I just would not have been able to get things done

Iain came home from a trip to Korea and 2 days later headed to Camrose with "Youngblood" (Holly's car). He did this to save H and D the $1300.00 the movers were going to charge them.

Our town had its annual Christmas parade on November 26th. As for the past few years it was at 5 o'clock. We bundled the peas and made ourselves some hot buttered rum and headed to the parade, Aunty Siobhan and Uncle Will came along too. Miles did not like the sirens and lound music , Riley tolerated it all.

I am feeling pretty good about getting the house prepped . The inside is slowly looking like the season. Don't have the outside lights up yet but that is up to my guy to do.
We got a new front door too and it looks amazing! I am very thrilled about it.
Planning some baking next week. Riley likes helping Nona in the kitchen!

More Christmas stuff to follow!!

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Mariodacatsmom said...

You have been busy. That picture of the peas all bundled up is so precious. What a delight they must be to you.