Saturday, November 12, 2011

So as posted before Holly and Dan and Miles and Riley are heading to Camrose Alberta.
Their new abode
It is quite a whirlwind -- Dan starts his job November 28th.
 The movers are coming the 16th so there is a lot to do in a few short days.
I am heading there for a couple of days to help her out.
Then the whole gang is coming here til moving time.
My grand kittys (Punk and Charlie) will be coming too.
Sir Charles Chaplin

I have told my girls but they do not seem impressed.
It will be quite an adventure.

On another note.
Siobhan and Holly and Heather and Mandi are coming to CP to look at wedding dresses.
We have the one of the best bridal shops in eastern Ontario here in our lil town.

Sinders Bridal Shop

Guess I should be off and get ready to go.
Should be fun!!

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Mariodacatsmom said...

Looks like a busy time ahead for you and lots of changes coming up.