Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here we go.........

So here are the promised pics.
 This is how we felt about seeing Grizzly bears!!

 This is the "office" for Aboriginal Journeys.
 That's our skipper -- Gary!
Some of the money from cost goes to the local Homolka tribe and goes to keeping up their salmon hatchery.
When you arrive at the inlet you are met by a couple of tour guides who take you to the info centre.
Thoughts are " tourist trap"!
Absolutely not!! No t shirts no caps just information!! And maybe a complimentary coffee and yes a washroom (after bumping around on the boat everyone was happy to see that! 

 Only in BC would the back of a Zellers look like this!

 The mass of 5 to 600 dolphins that surrounded us for a short time. Hard to really get a good pic.

 Mama and baby

 "Hey mama wait for me"

 The views are spectacular

 Eyeing up one of the many salmon in the river.


 One of the viewing stands that we walked to.
We had to stay in a group and the tour guides were very very aware of all the bears around especially the mama and baby.
Funny -- I wasn't at all scared but I think the whole group was on high alert!

 See don't we look like we aren't nervous!

 These guys are prettty fast when they have a salmon in their sights.
I managed to get a quick action shot.

 Here's another fella enjoying his salmon on a sun drenched log.

Our crazy guide and one of our companions got a wee bit too close but I think the bear was just more interested in finding himself some lunch.

 The salmon had layed their eggs in what was the river but then it drew back leaving them totally exposed for the bears.
They did have to dig but with those huge claws it wasn't too big a deal.
Nothing like a bit of caviar before your sushi!

 Our boat.
It held 10 of us quite comfortably.
A 2 hour boat ride from Campbell River up to Bute Inlet!
If you do get a chance to do this or anything like it  DO IT!!


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Deb said...

Great shots Susan. Looks like it was quite an adventure. Annie will do fine and will feel better now that she has been de-wormed again. Sometimes it takes a couple of doses of strongid. They have all had lunch and are snoozin' away as I type this. Glad this is over for them.