Thursday, September 1, 2011

WOW!! September 1st

This weekend we are hosting the first annual Wilkes family reunion.
This year it will be a smallish affair with about 10 of us.
So today I am shopping for some of the food so I can get started on some of the prepping.
I also have an explosion of tomatoes in the garden and must get them made into salsa before they rot on my counter.

Our 33rd anniversay is tomorrow but Iain is away, so tonight we are checking out a new Tapas Bar in Kanata and then off to see
Cowboys and Aliens (secret pleasures of mine)

Spent yesterday with Holly and babies.
While I was there they got a parcel from their Grandpa and Oma in Sudbury.
Pow Pants!



Siobhan said...

HAHAHA, those pow pants are fantastic!

Kris said...

Hi there!! Thank you for visiting my blog Simplify, and leaving such a nice comment. And from the looks of things, you and your family and me and my family were all at a lake on vacation recently!!! I have not been to visit yet, and am glad to have found you!!!
I believe perhaps your daughter Siobhan has visited my blog, as this is not a very common name. A very Happy Anniversary to you and your special one tomorrow too!! What will you be doing to celebrate??