Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Annual Family Reunion

It was a very small affair for the first time but it was so much fun having them here.
Of course it rained so we had to eat inside but we managed to squeeze everyone into our tiny dining room creeping into the living room.
My nephew Scott and his wife Brandy and their little one Darla were here as well as Iain's brother Robert.
Our little family were all able to make it.
Unfortuantely my brain was floating on another plane and I did not get pics of the group or of the 2nd cousins together --- my bad!

We wrapped the reunion up around 7 (way past Darla's bedtime).

All went home with an African violet -- in honour of Grandpa who grew the most beautiful ones. And a copy of the Wilkes family tree.
Well our group stayed the night with promises of hash browns and scrambled eggs for brunch.
Had a couple more drinks.
Played a Scrabble game -- that Siobhan and Will whipped everyone's proverbial asses.
The next day after above mentioned brunch they all packed up and were gone by about 2.
Iain and I kinda looked at each other had a bit of lunch , cleaned up the house, did lots of dishes, watched some TV (between golf and the Criminal Minds marathon), had supper.
I had a bath that felt amazing got the kitchen ready for the morning and headed off to bed about 9.
I was up bright -- well maybe not so bright-- and early this morning to get a bit of laundry done and ready myself for the day.
I am off to Rockledge.
This morning it is Nona time with my peas.


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The Summer Porch said...

I love that last picture, oh how I don't miss that first day of school anymore. :)
Your header ZaZa looks amazing, get those herbs of yours bottled...
Have a great weekend,
Hugs Rosemary...