Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love being Nona

Where has the time gone? Well I really shouldn't be asking that question because I know exactly where it has gone. I have been spending as much time as I possibly can with the two most beautiful grandchildren ever born. Since summer has FINALLY decided to be my knitting needles have been given a wee vacation and I have pulled out the old Pfaff. My neice had her little baby boy about 6 days after Miles and Riley arrived and now a good friend of Holly's has had a little girl. There have been more burp cloths and bibs rolled off that machine than I care to count!

Being so dry it has been difficult keeping up with the garden. Unfortunately it has been so dreadfully humid that some of my poor plants have suffered terribly. I always am grateful having so many perennials.
The tadpoles are getting very big and i am quite interested to see what happens when they get to be adults.

We spent a wonderful Sunday at our friends' cabin on Palmerston Island. It was a gloriously relaxing day. Maybe one too many G and T's but oh well I didn't have to drive home!

In just over a week we will spend 7 days at this cottage.

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