Monday, August 29, 2011

Final Lake Wrap

 Could be the official Engagement Photo!!
 Miles enjoying a quick nap in someone's arms
 Riley enjoying Bapa's arms
 Is this not the sweetest thing you ever saw??
 Here they are in their official cottage wear
 Holly sporting the "infamous hat"
 We had many visits from this little character.
I am not scared of too many things but mice make me squeal.
Yes you want to hear a grown woman squeal show me a mouse.
Here is our trail home :-(

It was a fantastic time.
 I always enjoy spending time with my family.
There was a lot of sitting, canoeing, fishing, swimming, baby cuddling, oh did i say sitting!
I think everyone had a good time -- there were questions about next year!
Answer--- Definately!!


Siobhan said...

we're really good looking, lol.

Catherine said...

Looks like everyone is having a good time ~ and getting lots of snoozing in. ;) Cute babies ~ and cute couple!
xo Catherine