Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back Home

After a glorious week at the lake we are back.
It was fantastic and got us to thinking about having a little place of our own!
There is lots to do at home ---- laundry,  gathering the cat hair tumbleweeds, weeding the garden, gathering veggys from the garden, watering said garden (altho as I write it is raining), putting cottage stuff away, planning next weeks activities and menus.
So til next week sometime this is what we woke to every morning last week.

And went to sleep to every night


Deb said...

Looks like heaven. Glad you had fun.

Catherine said...

That looks like a little piece of heaven right there ~ fantastic!!! Spending time at the lake sounds like perfect get-a-way!

Now on to the laundry.... :(
xo Catherine