Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still a Worry

Took G to see Dr Cara this afternoon.
After blowing my next years vet budget on blood work and urinalysis we find there is nothing wrong with his kidney or liver functions.
So why won't he be Guiness!!!!!
There isn't a whole lot more to be done.
 Maybe he got into some not so pleasant stuff outside or got swiped by a car or got into a tiff with one of  the hundreds of feral males around here or or or or or !!!
He is on an acute pain med so hopefully it will make him feel a bit better but right now it is just making him drool and look really spacey.
July 2009

He is still hiding and has not eaten anything but a couple of kibbles today.
Dr Hall gave him some fluids cuz he was dehydrated.
Even the other two know something is up.
I have had a very worrisome day and I suspect my night will be the same.
Strange how worry can exhaust you!

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