Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday in the Garden

After a couple of days of near monsoon type weather it has relaxed and we are having normal type days.
Iain and I spent Sunday puttering altho it was still quite dampish.
Yesterday I got more weeding done and planted more beans and onions.
These are just a few pics I took!

 Called a Butterfly Weed .
 I know I know actually planting something that has weed in its name!
But it is a lovely plant and must be 4 feet high!
Hope it attracts those flutterbys!
 Sun drops or evening primrose.
As the name suggests it flowers during the day and then drops but flowers the next day!
 Yellow Loosesrtife (yes related to the purple but not invasive)
And whispery white Astilbe
 Lovely Lavender
Time to make Lemon Lavender Madeleines
More Sun Drops and Lychnis (part of the Rose Campion family)
 Our pond.
 The duckweed wintered over and has produced lots which is good as it is an oxygenator.
We have 2 leopard frogs in residence and an eastern gray tree frog that we can hear but have not seen as yet.
Lots and lots of water beetles and bugs

Our neighbours dog enjoying the shade of their Honey Locust tree!

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