Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hard to say Good bye

After a very short battle with cancer we had to say goodbye to our sweet boy Guiness.
It was a devastaing decsion for our whole family.
My girls were little when we adopted him and he was very special to Siobhan who always had a bed buddy even after she moved out and only spent occasional nights here.
 I am grateful they were all here for Father's day so each got to say their own special good byes.
Uh oh I am going to start crying again!

Good Bye sweet boy we will miss your sweet funny face


Deb said...

Yes, it is SO hard to say good-bye. It usually doesn't take me long to fall in love with a cat but Guiness had me at "Hello"
I'll miss him too, Susan. Thanks for giving me the chance to get to know him. A cat like Guiness makes me work harder to help those ones who need a home. Take care. Hugs, Deb

Catherine said...

I am so so sorry for the loss of your sweet friend! It's never easy. To have unconditional love from a cat, if even for a short time, is a wonderful thing indeed.

Sending you many big hugs!
xo Catherine