Friday, May 20, 2011

Volunteering and Artists

 I spent the better part of today volunteering at our local art gallery.
It is what used to be the Carleton Place Train Station and when CN decided to not stop here anymore it was converted into a day care and now it houses a few business the Chamber of Commerce and Arts Carleton Place!
 There are so many talented people in our area it really is a shame we aren't better known.
Although we are trying -- we are now on FaceBook!

So now I am enjoying a cup of tea on the back deck --- YAY finally able to sit outside.
Guiness splayed on the deck beside me.

Tomorrow is garden day!!
And in the evening I am going to a local restaurant (Tilly's) that is featuring a local band!
There is also a raffle for an original piece of art!!

Enjoy the long weekend.
Be safe!

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Deb said...

I have yet to pop over to the Art Gallery. Enjoy Tilly's. We were there last night for dinner. If you are served by a tiny blonde with a big smile that's my Allie. She works there sometimes if she is not at the golf course.
May 24th is fine. I expect you want 2 visits and that you do not need me the 25th. If you do in the morning just let me know.