Sunday, May 15, 2011

Point Pelee Park

 The trilliums were absolutely everywhere.

 Yellow warbler singing his little brains out.

 A Veery (Thrush)

 A lovely Caspian Tern in amongst the gulls.

 Barn Swallow

 On his nest

It was fun watching the swallows swooping into the puddles collecting mud and sticks

 Mr Turkey lookin fine for the Mrs

 Scarlet Tanager peeking at us

 A very wet Redwinged Blackbird but it didn't stop him from singing to his mate

Of course lots of geese and lots of what geese do!

It was a great trip and we saw lots of birds. There were storms almost every day so it brought them in and made them stay. The mornings were pretty rough being up at 5:45 and not back to our hotel til almost 7:30. We drank bad coffee and I'm sure ingested way too much fatty food. This week I will be eating salad and salmon. I think I have developed some kind of heel spur so no running this week ---- ice paks and advil.


Catherine said...

Look at all these pretty birds that you saw! Lovely!

I was out at the river today. All I saw was a SNAKE that I just about stepped on. I will have a photo of him on my blog tomorrow ~ but let me tell you ~ I was screaming at the top of my lungs!!!

I wish I would have seen some pretty birds such as these instead!!!

xo Catherine

Deb said...

Oh my gosh, barn swallows are so adorable. They look all puffed-up and proud. Gorgeous photos, Susan.
I miss those kitties of yours. Give them a hug for me.