Sunday, May 22, 2011


Finally was able to spend a whole day in the garden on Saturday.
Got plants transferred , beds weeded, tulips cut back, bird baths cleaned,
feeders topped up, hummingbird feeder filled, patio swept and sat on the patio!
It was a very good day and the shower at the end felt fabulous.

Tuesday I am on my way to Halifax.
My younger sister turns the big 5 - 0.
So I will spend a week eating, drinking, staying up way too late and just generally have a good time!
Me, been 50 for a wee bit, my soon to be 50 year old sister, Beth and my turned 50 a couple years ago sister , Paula

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Catherine said...

I spent the morning in the garden pulling weeds... OK... tired of yard work already... ;)

Have a safe trip and a very good time visiting Zaza!
xo Catherine