Monday, April 11, 2011

Shower and squirrels

taken 2009
 Iain is home now after his week in Myrtle Beach. Sounds like he had a great time. Thank goodness he didn't have to take off to Korea this morning--- which had been the plan!

Yesterday I did my big clean for the week so today I am doing odds and sods. Holly's shower is this Sunday so I have a few little fun things to do for that. Since my friends are organising I can enjoy the fun stuff. It will be here @ 44 only because everyone who is coming knows how to get here with the exception of Dan's mere whom I will be giving directions. Pictures will follow next week.

Had a terrific wind storm / thunder storm last nite (well early this morning) so I was chasing styrofoam eggs off my forsythia branches. It seems to me I had more crocuses to come up but where are they? Do squirrels eat crocus corms too??

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