Saturday, April 9, 2011

Garden and Fairies

What an absolutely wonderful spring day. Sunny and 16 degrees (C). I had my usual Saturday morning ritual ---a Western and a couple cups of coffee. Then laundry on the line and out to start cleaning up.

 Even though there were still ice patches and frozen ground in the garden I did cut back a lot of plants. I didn't do any raking as I thought the ground was just too mucky! I got the patio swept of spent sunflower seeds. I would never stop feeding the birds and the occasional squirrel but boy what a mess to clean up in the spring. On the other hand it makes you feel accomplished when the patio looks cleaned up. I moved the feeders to the back and brought out the REAL bird baths. Of course the birds have found it all and as I was coming in I saw a grackel having a bath with a couple hanging around waiting their turn

 Here is my spring planter. Yahoo for pansies!! I love their smiling little faces that almost say welcome. I added some pussy willow stalks and a few silk forsythia branches. There are also a few little Easter eggs hanging from the branches.
 And yes I still have a few patches of snow in the garden as well.
Here is a little fairy made by one of our local artists , Brenda Milne. I got this at the Christmas Art Show at the Train Station Gallery. She works in different mediums and right now is one of the featured artists at Ballygiblin's.

Ciao for now!!

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Deb said...

Love the spring planter, Susan.