Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Costa Rica --- Installment 1

After leaving Ottawa during a freezing rain warning we arrived in Montreal to have a good night sleep and get ourselves ready for our 2 week adventure. Of course the adventure started in the bar at the hotel when some drunk decided he wanted some attention from three ravishing older women by saying to me "Hey --You -- Blondie!" To which I looked at Elsa and asked if he just said that me. So began the start to many buzz phrases that arose. By the time we got to Costa Rica the sentence had been transformed to the Spanish "Hey--Su-- Blondie!"
 Here we are enjoying our first night in Liberia (yes there is one in Costa Rica too). The start to many Imperial (local beer) and huge portions of  beans and rice. We arrived as a week long fair was in full swing with lots of vendors and music. Noone took too much notice to the 6 very white people roaming amongst them. The evening ended with booming fireworks and then it seemed EVERYONE headed home. We had to wait in the square for our taxi to arrive and watched while security guards who had looked like they had enjoyed the festivities wandered the street with huge batons hanging from their belt. Then we saw a policeman line up about 5 young kids and literally frisk them. Guess he didn't find anything cuz he let them go and boy did they take off!

 After enjoying breakfast on the patio at the Hilton Iain started planning his birding extravaganza.
 Having a glass of wine on the window bench in the villa at Monteverde.
 One of the many beautiful butterflies we saw at the Butterfly Garden.
 Coffee anyone!!
 MMMMM coffee!
After extracting the juice from some sugar cane we "enjoyed " the juice. Hmmmmm sugar caney!

More to follow

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Deb said...

That window seat looks cozy (especially with a glass of wine). I hope you have some photos of the 'local' birds.