Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Costa Rica

We stayed at a terrific Villa in Monteverde and were within walking distance to some lovely restaurants. Of course we had to invest in some flashlights as there were no street lights so it was pitch black walking to and from supper. We were told that scorpions were something that was around so we were watching for them. Doing laundry one evening Joyce stepped on one --- I think she surprised it as much as it surprised her -- she called for John and he killed it! We were also told that their sting altho not fatal is like a really bad bee sting and we were also told by another that altho not fatal they hurt like hell for quite awhile. Glad none of us had to find out! Our first venture was exploring a butterfly farm and then in the afternoon we toured a coffee plantation

We had our first early morning (6 am) to start the first birding morning with Chico. He is a fantastic guide whom Iain had arranged  before we even arrived. So many birdies! I think Iain's head was twisting off its hinges. I think this was the outing Iain got his 1000th bird. That night we celebrated with a bottle of French Champers that Paul and Elsa had brought just for this occasion!

In between our birding days we did a canopy walk. Spectacular!! We didn't attempt any zip lining but saw many who were. Also did some touristo shopping and visited an orchid display. Absolutely fascinating! Didn't know there were so many and then the little tiny ones that we needed magnifying glasses to see.
Our second birding excursion was not quite as intense as the first but we managed to bag quite a few. We did discover that our guide's grandfather had settled the area  in 1918---San Luis! So there were quite a lot of cousins around I think Chico told us about 200. We stopped for a lunch at a local field where the Sunday morning soccer tourny was happening. After a lunch of chicken, rice and salad and of course a nice cold cerveza we were off again!!
Before we knew it it was time to leave Montverde and head to Arenal. After a drive and a less than thrilling boat ride  we arrived at a fabulous resort with an equally fabulous view of the volcano. We were reassured it had "spewed" about 3 months earlier and there was no indication it was ready to go again. We spent the rest of the day in and around the pool and the evening having a few drinks on the patio. The next day we hiked up around the volcano. Phew what a hike! Those lava stones are hard to walk on and between Iain's gimpy knee and my munchkin legs we were always pulling up on the rear. We did feel good after it was done and I was very happy to see the "salida" (exit) sign. Back to the resort for more drinks and pool. That night we treated ourselves and ate at the restaurant in the upscale hotel next to us. --- Worth it YES!!

Two days in Arenal then it was time to head to Sugar Beach. Glorious way to spend our last few days in paradise! 30 to 36 every day , lots of sun, water and relaxin!!

Time to head home but wait what is that spewing from the bottom of OUR airplane hydraulic fluid!!  NOOOOOOOOO!! Now I do not know too much about airplanes but I do know that you need that stuff for taking off -- staying in the air --- and landing! So we were sent to the hotel we had stayed in when we first arrived for the night. Well I guess if one has to be in paradise one more day this is the best place. The next morning all 200 of us filed onto the bus and off we went again.Yahoo this time we are on our way. Arrived in Montreal to 4 degrees and bussed yet again to the van. Oh no the van has a flat tire. Iain and Paul go in search of a service station that is open. Okay so tire is pumped and off we go again. We stop for a Harvey's burger (funny how good these things taste when you are on the road) and what?? the tire is low again. Dump out the luggage and the women and the nascar pit crew jumps into action. Finally by almost 2 am we were in our little beds.

If you ever get a chance to go to Costa Rica I have only one word for you ---- GO!!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Babies and Promises

Today Iain and I are going to "see" our grandbabies. Holly has another ultrasound and we are going. I am uber excited.

I promise I have been working on my update from our trip. I have taken over 700 pics so it is quite a chore picking out the best ones. I will also put an album together for facebook too.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fist Shake at Internet

Three days of no internet G-R-R-R-R!! 
Will post more holiday stuff tomorrow.

Enjoy the sunshine!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Costa Rica --- Installment 1

After leaving Ottawa during a freezing rain warning we arrived in Montreal to have a good night sleep and get ourselves ready for our 2 week adventure. Of course the adventure started in the bar at the hotel when some drunk decided he wanted some attention from three ravishing older women by saying to me "Hey --You -- Blondie!" To which I looked at Elsa and asked if he just said that me. So began the start to many buzz phrases that arose. By the time we got to Costa Rica the sentence had been transformed to the Spanish "Hey--Su-- Blondie!"
 Here we are enjoying our first night in Liberia (yes there is one in Costa Rica too). The start to many Imperial (local beer) and huge portions of  beans and rice. We arrived as a week long fair was in full swing with lots of vendors and music. Noone took too much notice to the 6 very white people roaming amongst them. The evening ended with booming fireworks and then it seemed EVERYONE headed home. We had to wait in the square for our taxi to arrive and watched while security guards who had looked like they had enjoyed the festivities wandered the street with huge batons hanging from their belt. Then we saw a policeman line up about 5 young kids and literally frisk them. Guess he didn't find anything cuz he let them go and boy did they take off!

 After enjoying breakfast on the patio at the Hilton Iain started planning his birding extravaganza.
 Having a glass of wine on the window bench in the villa at Monteverde.
 One of the many beautiful butterflies we saw at the Butterfly Garden.
 Coffee anyone!!
 MMMMM coffee!
After extracting the juice from some sugar cane we "enjoyed " the juice. Hmmmmm sugar caney!

More to follow

Monday, March 21, 2011

Proud Nona


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Blue Iguanos

Seeing the girls this aft and for supper at the Blue Cactus (Ottawa). We were away for Sio's BD so we are celebrating today!!

Promise to post about the holiday this week with pics.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to the land of ice and snow

After "mechanical difficulties" in Costa Rica we are home a day late! Arrived at 2 am! Lots of pics and stories in our suitcases but first gotta get some dirty laundry in the wash.
Crew well taken care of by Aunty Deb and spoiled too with lots of little toys and cuddles. I have 2 little shadows this morning not letting me get too far from sight. Of course Guiness is happy sleeping on the bed.
Will post our adventure soon!!