Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Day Weekend

Hubby home! He came home a day early cuz he hurt his knee. Off to the doc on Thursday to find out he has a torn cartilage. Ouchy!! He starts physio on Tuesday so hoping rest, ice and physio will get him feelin fine for Costa Rica.

Got my hair done on Thursday.
Not quite Marilyn worthy but I like it.
Trying to let it grow so am dealing
with those rogue bangs that are just not
quite long enough.

After an absolutely glorious Friday we are back into the deep freeze. I get very teased with these lovely above zero temps. Hoping by the time we are back from CR I can start planning the garden. Got lots of plans for this summer!!

Iain and I are having a lazy weekend. Long coffees and westerns! Monday (Family Day) we are heading to Scotiabank  Place to watch the Sens Skills. It may be a very interesting performance since the team has lost some of its characters. After that we are heading to Rockledge to visit with the chillin. Boston Pizza?

Wishing all a fine Family Day!

Ciao for now!

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