Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finally Alive Again

So here I am back amongst the living. By last Monday I was in bed and was there until Friday morning. All I did was sleep, sweat, drink tea and sleep more! Of course there were lots of pre holiday things to do that did not get done. I spent most of my Friday morning cleaning up and reorganising the house. Finally about 2:00 my body said enough is enough and so that was it for the day. I had a pretty awful night with a terrible sinus headache that just did not want to subside. Finally about 6:00 after a couple of advil cold and sinus and hot compresses over my nose I fell asleep on the couch with Guiness curled up on my legs and Addy curled up beside me. Lucky was sitting on a chair looking at us trying to figure out if there was a spot for her. Got up about 9 had a  l-o-n-g coffee and then it was time for laundry and watering plants and prepping for going away. I think I have everything organised for pussy cats and Aunty Deb.I hope Addy warms up to Deb cuz I know she would get some nice belly rubs.
Will update with pics once back!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where did this come from?

Started coughing last nite and this morning -- well --- something the cat dragged in!
Good thing it is a Sunday so tea, sleep and maybe cookie baking!

Ciao for now

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Day Weekend

Hubby home! He came home a day early cuz he hurt his knee. Off to the doc on Thursday to find out he has a torn cartilage. Ouchy!! He starts physio on Tuesday so hoping rest, ice and physio will get him feelin fine for Costa Rica.

Got my hair done on Thursday.
Not quite Marilyn worthy but I like it.
Trying to let it grow so am dealing
with those rogue bangs that are just not
quite long enough.

After an absolutely glorious Friday we are back into the deep freeze. I get very teased with these lovely above zero temps. Hoping by the time we are back from CR I can start planning the garden. Got lots of plans for this summer!!

Iain and I are having a lazy weekend. Long coffees and westerns! Monday (Family Day) we are heading to Scotiabank  Place to watch the Sens Skills. It may be a very interesting performance since the team has lost some of its characters. After that we are heading to Rockledge to visit with the chillin. Boston Pizza?

Wishing all a fine Family Day!

Ciao for now!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring and Chocolate

It will Happen
Where did that tease of spring go? Even though it was raining this morning it was plus 4. I actually felt good about it --- it wasn't snow!!!!!! Now we are in the midst of a "flash freeze". Ahhh the joys of winter in eastern Ontario.
 Just finished a terrific dinner with my lady date . Her hubby is away too so what better way to spend the evening. Ended it with Chocolate Lava Cakes. Here is the recipe--- so easy and oh so yummy!

4 ounces semi sweet chocolate
1/2 cup butter
1 cup icing sugar
2 eggs
2 egg yolks
6 TBSP white flour

Preheat oven to 425. Butter 4 or 5 custard dishes (3/4 cup). Place on Baking sheet. Microwave chocolate and butter until butter is melted (approx 1 min). Stir with wire whisk til completely melted. Stir in sugar until well blended. Whisk in eggs and egg yolks. Stir in flour. Divide batter between dishes.
Bake 13 or 14 minutes til sides are firm but centre is soft. Let stand 1 minute. Invert onto dessert plate (carefully it is HOT). Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Batter can be made ahead. Pour into dishes, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Bake as above.

Ciao for now

Happy Heart Day

Hope everyone enjoys the day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Surprise on Sunday

Running on the treadmill this morning and heard a knock on the door!
Raced down the stairs and a wonderful delivery man from The Blossom Shop was standing there.
Hope I didn't scare him too much.

Addy likes them too!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Susan's "Sabbatical" Saturday

Wake up! Have coffee in a pretty cup!
Scrape the 1 - 3 cm of snow that fell last night

Feed the pussy cats

Finish one sock and start another!
Pamper my feet.
OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

And then hockey hockey hockey.
After 11 straight losses the Sens finally won!!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Well my sweet guy has been away for 6 days already! Thank goodness I have lots of little projects to keep me busy. I am taking a break from knitting as my eyes are feeling very tired tonite. Haven't slept very well and it is finally catching up to me. Today I started painting a tea trolley that my father in law made for me a long time ago. I decided to paint it in glossy black. So it has the first coat on and so far I am liking it. I also have socks, blankies and baby caps on the go! Tomorrow I may be making cards for next month birthdays. I will also be taking some pics to put on Facebook for Iain to see of the snow that I am sure he is missing. He is in India and today it was 31.

Next weekwill be busy with Arts Council stuff, having dinner with a friend and getting hair done (gotta be blonde for Costa Rica)!!

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morality Play

Yippee my book finally arrived. My 4 to 5 day delivery time turned into 7 but oh well........ Started it last nite and so far I like it. Right up my alley -- historical fiction. About a wayward priest in the 14th century who teams up with a group of travelling actors who then decide to perform the story of a murder in the town they stop at. A young girl has been arrested for this but of course is not the responsible party. I'm sure nothing good can happen from this !

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Where oh Where!

I have been invited to join a book club by my friend Rosemary. I belonged to one years ago and am glad to be getting to do it again. But I am a bit worried -- I had to order the book (Morality Play by Barry Unsworth). I ordered it last Tuesday and was kinda expecting it by Friday so I could get a good start this weekend. I am hoping it arrives today or tomorrow cuz our meeting is Feb 23!! Guess I will have to do a speed read.
Today I am off to help set up a Facebook page for our Arts council. And pick up some crunchies for the crew!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Early Valentine's Day

A bottle of pink bubbly
My Sweety


Beautiful yellow roses!
Had an early celebtration. Iain is gone on an around the world tour (literally) from Vancouver to Germany to India to Korea. Gone for 13 days 6 1/2 hours!!
Good thing I like myself.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day After Groundhog Day Storm

When can we sit on the muskokas

Snowy Valentines

Trekking to the backyard to feed the birds

Monster cicles
Up to his oaksters

I was a bit worried that I hadn't seen the feral cousins. But I put some food out this morning and by lunch time there was the little female. Haven't seen the big male for quite awhile.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

White on white on white

Snowy day here! Great day to bake some bananananana bread, watch some old movies, and do some knittin.
Ground hogs everywhere saw their shadows soooo where is spring!!