Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Left on a Jet Plane

Holly, Dan, and our Peas are in Alberta.
We had an awesome Christmas.
The whole fam damily were here for Christmas morning.
Pics to follow.

But this morning we were up at 5 and out of the house by 6:15.
We had a major snow storm last night but we managed to limp to the airport with time to spare.
"Time to spare"----
 yup more time for the knots in my stomach to quadruple but more time for hugs and kisses!

Siobhan and Will came to say their good byes too.
Will left to go to work and we took Sio home after
we watched their plane take off.
It is going to be a very quiet few days!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Ho Ho

Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season!

From all of us on Herriott Street!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

From us to you

 Click on the link then on the facebook link to get a Merry Christmas message from us!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Starting to look more like Christmas

 Looking forward to spending a First Christmas with our Peas!

 The Family room Christmas tree.
A real one was discussed but with so much happening in the family this year we dragged out the unreal one! It certainly does the job.
 Got a new front door just in time for the season.
Isn't it nice?
 Our snowman family say
"Merry Christmas"
 My kitchen angel!
A silly tradition we have is that a candy cane stay up all year hanging from one the cabinet doors in the family room.
The next Christmas it changes doors.
It all began with a real candy cane that just did not get put away and we just left it there til the following Christmas.
Been doing it for quite a number of years.
It is now a wooden one!
Anyone else have silly traditions?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Have Not Fallen Off the Face of the Earth

So a whole lot has been happening around here the last few weeks.
Daughter Holly, son in law Dan, our peas Miles and Riley are heading to Camrose.
They have a lovely looking house in the town and it looks like it will be a wonderful spot to raise the peas for a bit.
Dan left November 26th for his start date of November 28th.
Originally Holly, the peas and Nona were going to go the weekend after to set up house.
Then they were heading to CP for Christmas. After some long talks we all decided it was financially extravagent.
On a personal note I put a lot into the holiday season and if I was in Camrose til the middle of December ---- well I just would not have been able to get things done

Iain came home from a trip to Korea and 2 days later headed to Camrose with "Youngblood" (Holly's car). He did this to save H and D the $1300.00 the movers were going to charge them.

Our town had its annual Christmas parade on November 26th. As for the past few years it was at 5 o'clock. We bundled the peas and made ourselves some hot buttered rum and headed to the parade, Aunty Siobhan and Uncle Will came along too. Miles did not like the sirens and lound music , Riley tolerated it all.

I am feeling pretty good about getting the house prepped . The inside is slowly looking like the season. Don't have the outside lights up yet but that is up to my guy to do.
We got a new front door too and it looks amazing! I am very thrilled about it.
Planning some baking next week. Riley likes helping Nona in the kitchen!

More Christmas stuff to follow!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

So as posted before Holly and Dan and Miles and Riley are heading to Camrose Alberta.
Their new abode
It is quite a whirlwind -- Dan starts his job November 28th.
 The movers are coming the 16th so there is a lot to do in a few short days.
I am heading there for a couple of days to help her out.
Then the whole gang is coming here til moving time.
My grand kittys (Punk and Charlie) will be coming too.
Sir Charles Chaplin

I have told my girls but they do not seem impressed.
It will be quite an adventure.

On another note.
Siobhan and Holly and Heather and Mandi are coming to CP to look at wedding dresses.
We have the one of the best bridal shops in eastern Ontario here in our lil town.

Sinders Bridal Shop

Guess I should be off and get ready to go.
Should be fun!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vent of the Day

I was in our local natural pet food store this morning.
In the cat enclosure were 4 absolutely beautful cats!
Their story:::
Abandoned at a boarding kennel!!!
It makes me very angry and extremely sad for these lovely creatures.

Lives Changing

My girl and her family are moving to Camrose Alberta.
It is bittersweet for me.
I will miss them terrifically
It is the best decision for them!
I will be visiting a lot,
and phoning
Happening fast too---
Dan starts work December 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a terrific Sunday

Iain has done more of the yard cleanup.
The house was in desperation clean me now mode.
So I did!
I have updated my Christmas card list.
We are off to dinner with friends this evening,
Our lil peas are now enjoying cereal!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tripping along the Mississippi

Yup here in our little town we are nestled against our Mississippi River!

 Our local Canoe Club.
A very busy place in the summertime!

 The steeple in the background is on top of our town hall!

 Some migratory geese enjoying the scenery.

 Yup Christmas is coming!
Got the Christmas Kraft magazine.
Although I do not use a lot of Kraft products their recipes are pretty tasty with a  few tweeks!

 This is how Lucky and Addy spent most of today.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Sunday Outing

After a morning of yard work and a few inside chores Iain and I headed to the wonderful little town/village of Merrickville.
Had a lunch at Baldachin pub -- totally destroying our pre Christmas pound challenge!
Then off to the shops.
I would like to think out strolling worked off that Steamwhistle beer but who's kidding who?

 Our daughters love this artist.
She has just opened her own gallery  Anarchy Gallery on the main street.
 Always have to take a wander around Mrs. McGarrigle's.
Lots of terrific ideas for the foodies in our lives.
 Miller's Landing.
Terrific potpourri of country inspiration.
 Halloween corner at Country Bumpkins.
Spooky antique shop!

Have a Spooktacular Day!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Afternoon Gardening

I have had this hibiscus for going on 10 years.
It was an 88 cent deal in a 4 inch pot from an at the time Kmart.
I have nurtured it to this fabulous plant now sitting in a 12 inch pot.
I cut it drastically in the fall after it has finished blooming .
Then it sits in the brightest window in our family room for the winter.
Part way thru the winter it graces us with a few flowers.
Then in the spring I cut it back again.
It spends its summer on my patio drinking in all the beautiful summer sunshine.
It gets an occasional visit from our neighbourhood hummers.

Visiting my Peas

Spent the day with my lil momo Holly and her hubby and of course my peas!
After lunch we bundled them up.
Walked over to Aunty Sio's and enjoyed a walk on a wonderfully chilly crispy day!

 My girls!!

 Don't you just love her chapeau?

 Miles is feelin very toasty.

Lucky and Addy enjoying a basket of sunshine.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October in the Garden

Is it really October and are we really starting to put the garden away for the winter?
It seems only a few short months ago I was excited to see the first appearance of green grass and the snow drops popping thru the last remnants of snow

 Iain has built a bird feeding station to make it a wee bit easier to keep the feeders filled.

 My vegetable/potager is ready to be turned over.
I am going to plant garlic this fall.

 We do have a few Hungarian peppers still hanging on.

 And the Jalapenos are ready to be popped into some home made salsa.

 I left this cosmos plant in the garden.
Actually it was an oversight then just kinda lazy to pull it out and voila.....
It has regifted itself and if we don't get a heavy frost in the near future there will be a few more flowers popping out!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here we go.........

So here are the promised pics.
 This is how we felt about seeing Grizzly bears!!

 This is the "office" for Aboriginal Journeys.
 That's our skipper -- Gary!
Some of the money from cost goes to the local Homolka tribe and goes to keeping up their salmon hatchery.
When you arrive at the inlet you are met by a couple of tour guides who take you to the info centre.
Thoughts are " tourist trap"!
Absolutely not!! No t shirts no caps just information!! And maybe a complimentary coffee and yes a washroom (after bumping around on the boat everyone was happy to see that! 

 Only in BC would the back of a Zellers look like this!

 The mass of 5 to 600 dolphins that surrounded us for a short time. Hard to really get a good pic.

 Mama and baby

 "Hey mama wait for me"

 The views are spectacular

 Eyeing up one of the many salmon in the river.


 One of the viewing stands that we walked to.
We had to stay in a group and the tour guides were very very aware of all the bears around especially the mama and baby.
Funny -- I wasn't at all scared but I think the whole group was on high alert!

 See don't we look like we aren't nervous!

 These guys are prettty fast when they have a salmon in their sights.
I managed to get a quick action shot.

 Here's another fella enjoying his salmon on a sun drenched log.

Our crazy guide and one of our companions got a wee bit too close but I think the bear was just more interested in finding himself some lunch.

 The salmon had layed their eggs in what was the river but then it drew back leaving them totally exposed for the bears.
They did have to dig but with those huge claws it wasn't too big a deal.
Nothing like a bit of caviar before your sushi!

 Our boat.
It held 10 of us quite comfortably.
A 2 hour boat ride from Campbell River up to Bute Inlet!
If you do get a chance to do this or anything like it  DO IT!!