Friday, April 2, 2010

Hoppy Easter

What a glorious way to spend this long weekend. Sunny and in the 20's. Yesterday I spent cleaning up the front yard. I could feel a wee pull on the old back so after pulling out the chairs from the shed I finished up, had a shower and relaxed on the deck til pussy cats beckoned me with their sweet meows "We are hungry"!! Iain has been away since last Friday golfing with "the boys" in South Carolina. I've managed to keep busy by doing some painting and just general busy work. Of course I have taken the opportunity to veg a couple of times. He arrives home on Sunday nite; is home for a week then off to San Antonio then a day or two after that he goes to India for who knows how long!
Tomorrow my 4 children are coming for dinner. I decided to prep something that did not require a lot of kitchen time. So today I made beef and cheese cannelloni to just pop in the oven about an hour before we eat. I also made a chocolate espresso sorbet that is quite tasty! Now I can enjoy pineapple mimosas on the patio with Holly and Dan and Siobhan and Will when they arrive later.
Now I only have one complaint about this Easter weekend. As you all know I am not a particularly religious person (insert tongue in cheek). However I do enjoy a good old fashioned religious C.B. DeMille epic. Perusing the list of movies that is on I cannot find one. Okay "The Robe" which is quite a good movie (who can pass up Richard Burton in a mini skirt) but it was on a week or so ago. And "The Ten Commandments" was on around the same time. Sorry not good enough for me.
Oh well enjoying my kids tomorrow will certainly make up for lack of epics. And the Sens have clinched a play off spot. I guess all really is right with the world!!